Electric, The Night Sky

A Short Story
by Adam Rix

Billie can’t sleep, hasn’t for over two weeks. But it’s no bad thing, she just doesn’t need to, and the rest of the town are in the same boat. Every evening they sit under the darkening sky and watch The Filament dance above them like the fingers of god painting the sky. And then they work through the night, pleased as punch and thinking nothing of it.

But Kendra is the exception. She doesn’t think it’s beautiful – she finds it downright terrifying – and the lack of sleep is turning her against herself and against Billie, night after night. The time has come. Will Kendra step forward and face the terror in the sky, or will her fear and abandonment cause her to lose everything she has ever loved?

Electric, The Night Sky is offered as a downloadable PDF (other formats available on request)