Fallen Cradle

After The West Has Fallen, Life Goes On.
But So Do The Dead…

A dark fantasy race against time across the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Old West.


How much of your soul would you be willing to shed just to sample the high of a lifetime?

A psychedelic, psychological thriller tearing across Japan.

The Mountain She Built

Meeting the woman of his dreams is about to become his waking nightmare…

A heart-pounding psychological horror stained with black magic.


They told him it was suicide.
He doesn’t believe a word of it.

The tough and engaging revenge thriller that pays homage to hard boiled noir.

Electric, The Night Sky

“When the whole town stops needing sleep, Kendra is the only one who seems to be suffering the ill-effects. Even her partner bathes in the glorious light of The Filament that engulfs the sky every single night.Kendra’s only chance of survival is to face the monstrous god that nobody else can see and free her town – and her soul – of its grasp.”

A Science-Fiction Thriller Short Story


Music Packages

I started scoring for short films in my late teens and I haven’t looked back since. From documentaries to abstract art pieces, I am proud to offer my services to any project that I feel I can contribute something special to. 

See the listings below for a general guide to costs and delivery times.

Idents & Logos

For sessions requiring < 90 seconds of music, this package is perfect for company Idents, logos and animations, and even micro-shorts.

Estimated delivery time: 3 days

Price: from £125

Short works

For projects that need < 5 minutes of original, tailored music, this is the best option. Supplying music for Youtube creators, short documantaries, trailers and even individual scenes.

Estimated delivery time: 14 days

Price: from £500

Feature Length

Whether a theatrical feature or an independent video game release, the importance of a unique and passionate score can make or break a project.

Estimated delivery time: 29 days

Price: from £1500

Because every project and every production is different this is not a comprehensive list. Whatever the budget and constraints of your project, you can use the contact form below to start the ball rolling to make your project the best it can be.

Adam Rix

Growing up in rural Norfolk, Adam has always been a creative outside observer, soon discovering that being in bands wasn’t where his passion lay. Finding inspiration ‘people watching’ and spending time in nature, he was drawn to darker, psychologically revealing music and fiction which led to a career in music composition and the completion of his first novel, ‘Brittle’: a hard boiled homage to his local city of Norwich.

Somehow, whilst being incessantly pestered by his cat, bodhi, he has published three further novels (‘Fallen Cradle’, ‘The Mountain She Built’ and ‘Watashi?’) and continues to write music, novels, TV & Film pitches for love (And money, when it’s offered).


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