The long-awaited “Watashi?”  is available now, and with the special launch price of just £0.99 / $0.99
(offer ends 10th January 2021 – only available at Amazon)




The psychedelic, psychological thriller that sets 2021 in motion.

Miles arrives in Kyoto ready for the high of a lifetime, expecting to find answers in what has been pegged as the new Amsterdam. He finds nothing but a whole baggie of nothing new, and his harrowing old troubles arising again in his shadow.

Then Isa tells him a story, a myth, but for Miles the allure of a secret high held by a lineage of shamans on a remote island is enough to keep him going. Thrust onto a terrifying and death-defying path to reach the secluded island alive, how much of his friendships, his ego, and even his soul will Miles be willing to shed just to sample the dose of a lifetime?